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What is the ‘Cup of Architects’?

The Cup of Architects is a building competition in Minecraft between architects with a high level of building standards. The project started in 2016 and the first contest took place mid 2017.

Why is this Contest being held?

The Cup of Architects was originally created to bring the building scene closer together and create a handful of great buildings.

Who won the last CoA?

Acyclovir won the last cup. The second place was ranked by ExplodingCreeper and third place by Nimaeryn.

Who built our lobby?

Due to the participation of a member of the AriaCreations buildteam in the jury, we were kindly offered to get a lobby built by their team for free.

How can I participate?

Anyone who wants to can register as a group of 3 until shortly before the start of the competition. You can then register by contacting the Cup of Architects Bot on the Discord Server with all necessary information in a private message. However, it is also possible to register as a group of 2 or alone. If this is the case, a 3-man team must have found each other by the start of the competition. A list of all interested parties still searching will be released on our Discord for assistance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to join while the competition is already in progress.

How long will the Cup of Architects run?

We have not set a fixed date or deadline for the end of the competition. There will most likely be 3 rounds, of those each will run for 3-4 weeks (including evaluation and promotion phase).

Who can participate?

We invited several buildteams that already participated last year and those we know meeting a certain quality standard. Of course, individuals or previously unknown buildteams can also register. However, those have to provide references of their work.

When will the Cup of Architects 2018 begin?

We have agreed within the team to start mid march 2018. Due to the large number of organisational and preparatory tasks still to be completed, delays of up to 2 weeks may occur.

What are the prizes?

This year, in addition to the cash prizes of 450€ distributed to the first three places, there will possibly be some physical prizes. But that remains our secret for the time being.

How big will the plots be?

Plots like last year doesn't exist anymore. Each group gets its own server in each round with a different, predefined size. This is not exactly defined yet, but varies by a few blocks each so that there is a minimum and maximum size. It should be noted that the building or the terrain should not end abruptly.

How can I follow through the events of the contest?

The Cup of Architects is mainly promoted on our YouTube channel and on Twitter. Furthermore, the competition will be represented on many other social media platforms and forums.

Why do some buildteams have their own channels on TeamSpeak?

Some buildteams approached us and asked if they could transfer their voicechat to our server. This can be requested by any buildteams as long as this service is actively used. It's important to note that we usually aren't in any kind of relation with these buildteams.

Where can I get support?

This year we mainly provide support via Discord and TeamSpeak. To get support via Discord, all you have to do is contact the account "CupOfArchitects#5303". For TeamSpeak support, simply join the "Support | Waitingroom" channel. Unfortunately we do not offer active support on the Minecraft server.

Can I join the CoA-team?

You are welcome to apply via at any time.

How does the rating system work?

Like the previous year the evaluation is compiled by 2 values. There will be a jury as well as a community evaluation. These will stand in relation of ⅗ for the jury and ⅖ for the community. Any viewer with a valid Minecraft account can rate the buildings on our server.

How does community rating work?

After the participants have completed their buildings, any user with a valid Minecraft account can rate them on the our server. They will be teleported alternately and in a random order to the different buildings which you can rate with 1-10 points each.

How does jury rating work?

Each member of the jury surveys each building individually at first. Special attention is paid to the areas of creativity, detail, implementation, overall image, environment and façade, in which the jury members can award 1-10 or 1-15 points. After the individual rating everyone meets to discuss the results and adjust them if necessary.

Who is the Jury?

The jury consists mainly of experienced and competent architects who have been in the building scene for quite a long time. We have personally selected and examined all jury members in advance in order to guarantee a fair evaluation. The Jury members are listed on the staff-page.

What happens if a member of a building group is inactive?

If a group member is inactive the respective group must complete the contest alone. Unfortunately there is no possibility to organize a replacement.




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