• Validity of this set of rules

    • This set of rules is valid for participation in the "Cup of Architects" and all associated platforms.

    • By taking part in the "Cup of Architects" or entering one of its servers (Minecraft, Teamspeak, Discord) the player accepts and agrees to follow the rules.

    • The team of the "Cup of Architects" may impose penalties if the rules are violated.

    • We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

    • Ignorance in no way protects against punishment.

  • General

    • The team members of the Cup of Architects have full authority on all platforms as well as on the Minecraft servers and they must be followed in all cases.

    • Everyone is responsible for his own account. If another person (as the original owner of the account) gains access to this account and/or violates the rules, a penalty will still be imposed and the owner of the account will have to bear the consequences.

  • Communication

    • Communication between users and participants should be polite and decent.

    • Racist, offensive, discriminatory, provocative or threatening statements/illustrations are prohibited. Furthermore, particularly violent, pornographic or other expressions/illustrations that glorify violence are expressly forbidden under German law. This includes distributing links to these topics through the Cup of Architects platforms.

    • Writing in capital letters and repeating the same sentence, word or symbol repeatedly is often considered annoying and is therefore prohibited.

    • If you have any questions about the competition or if someone else violates the rules, you should contact the team directly. This can be done by writing to a team member in the Teamspeak or Discord.

    • The distribution of false information or lies is prohibited.

    • Violations of the rules

      • In case of a notice of a violation of the rules by one's own or other persons, this behaviour must be reported immediately to a team member.

      • The reporting of violations must take place in written form via one of the official support channels (Discord, Email, TeamSpeak).

  • Participants

    • Original Content

      • The exact or similar reproduction of existing content in Minecraft is prohibited, regardless of whether it is personal or not.

      • Serious violations may result in immediate disqualification from the current Cup of Architects competition and following Cup of Architects events. In individual cases, however, the jury will decide in consultation with the organisation.

      • Inspirations drawn from other or already built structures must be provided before the assessment phase. Accepting only individual elements is tolerated.

    • Game-expanding modifications

      • In general, participants are only allowed to make modifications that do not give them an advantage over other participants.

      • The use of modifications that include structures in the plot for competition from external sources, e. g."schematica", is prohibited, as this is against the creation of §4.1 original content. This can lead to an immediate disqualification from the "Cup of Architects" competitions.

      • Only the following modifications are allowed: Shadermod, Optifine, BetterFoliage, Pixelcam, CameraStudio, ReplayMOD, Minema, Bauercam, Aperture. All further wishes must be requested.

    • Anonymity

      • Participants are strictly prohibited from revealing any information that could be used to determine the structure or influence the rating in TeamSpeak, on the Discord server, in streams or other forms of image, writing and speech. This also includes allusions to the building team to which the respective architect belongs, the assembly partners as well as the idea or individual elements of the building.

      • Participants may not in any way, outside of their registered group, get tips for their building or talk about the built structure, as long as the winners of the respective round have not been publicly announced by the Cup of Architects.

      • At no time during an ongoing construction phase and following evaluation phase a participant is allowed to associate their person with the building they have constructed in the competition, vis-à-vis the community and the jury.

      • Furthermore, the participants are also not authorized to reveal details about their building before, during and until the winners are announced.

      • Any willful violations of the anonymity rules of others or one's own person must be reported immediately to a team member and will result in permanent disqualification from the Cup of Architects competitions.

      • Secondary accounts and camera accounts are not permitted for security reasons and are not allowed.

      • It is forbidden to change the name of your Minecraft account during the entire competition. This has to be done either before the start of the competition and only after the end of the competition.

    • Buildings

      • Each participating 3-person team is assigned a plot on a separate server.

      • DThe team builds their assigned plot on its own and has the only permissions to build it. Assistance in the form of tips is prohibited, as they violate the anonymity mentioned in §4.3.

      • The rights of the buildings are owned by "Cup of Architects", but will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used for the implementation of the competition and to promote it in pictorial form. Participants can have their buildings made available to them as a schematic and continue to use them after the competition.

      • The right to use the resulting buildings can neither be withdrawn nor reduced by the "Cup of Architects" nor by the respective architects during or after the competition.

    • Video and visual material

      • The rights to the video material created by our video producers for "Cup of Architects" are owned exclusively by "Cup of Architects" and any reupload of the material on other channels violates copyright law and is therefore prohibited, unless a clearly formulated exception is granted by the project management.

      • The rights for the image material created by our graphic artists and renderers for "Cup of Architects" are exclusively owned by "Cup of Architects" and any reupload of the material on other channels violates copyright law and is therefore prohibited, unless a clearly formulated exception is granted by the project management.

      • Participants are allowed to record the built objects in all video or image formats during the individual construction phases, but publication or disclosure to third parties is not permitted before the winners are announced by us.

  • Valuation

    • Team members, excluded jury members, of the Cup of Architects are not allowed to participate in the evaluations of the individual rounds. Participants may not or cannot only evaluate their own buildings.

    • Participation in the evaluation of accounts from account lists (publicly accessible accounts) is prohibited.

    • In general, the manipulation of ratings (boosting) is prohibited.

    • The evaluation by the jury and the community is incontestable and must be accepted. Should there be any ambiguities or a feeling of unfair evaluation, the project management can be contacted for clarification.

    • The evaluation is done in the default texture pack of Minecraft 1.12, so buildings should be created in this texture pack.

  • TeamSpeak/Discord Rules

    • The nickname should be equal to the ingame nickname. If necessary, the nickname can be supplemented by an addition. Nicknames may not contain offensive, forbidden or protected names or parts of names.

    • Avatars and profile images may not contain any pornographic, racist, insulting or other content that violates German law.

    • Channel-hopping (continuous jumping from one channel to another) is prohibited.

    • The recording of conversations on the entire server is only allowed after consultation with the users of the corresponding channel. If a user does not agree to the recording, the recording of the conversation is prohibited.

    • If the user is absent for a longer period of time, he is asked to go to the appropriate AFK channel.

    • Any kind of advertising on our server is prohibited. Advertising by audio tracks or avatars is strictly forbidden. If necessary, you can contact a responsible admin to negotiate a way to advertise.

    • The recording of your own music or the transmission of other undesired sounds is prohibited.

    • No bots may be connected to the TS3 server. Bots may only be connected in consultation with team members and only if no other bot is active in the channel.

  • Data protection

    • Any attacks on the servers of the "Cup of Architects" are punishable by law and will be prosecuted if necessary.

    • Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and the like may not be exchanged publicly. A team member will never ask for sensitive data, such as passwords or the like.

    • It is not allowed to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and/or to exchange it with other users.




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