Participant meeting


On March 17th at 7:00pm (UTC+1) a meeting with all German speaking participants will take place on our TeamSpeak.

Some important topics will be discussed so it would be nice for anyone who can arrange it to drop by.

A transcript in German and English will be provided for all participants who were not present.


Cinematic Trailer published


The trailer is now online, and the registration phase has started right away.

You can register for participation by contacting the Discord Account (@CupOfArchitects#5303) privately. A team member will contact you within a short period of time and ask for all necessary information before the further procedure is explained to you. Sub-groups, i. e. groups with less than 3 members, can also pre-register and then search for further members in a list provided by us.

Attention: You are not yet officially registered until your registration as a complete team has been confirmed!