Evaluation of the final round


The construction phase of the final round is now finished and you have the opportunity to evaluate the buildings again. The next days a cinematic will follow to each building, but for a small preview, here a little video of the buildings:

The evaluation takes place as usual on the server "cupofarchitects.net" (1.12.2). On the rating server you will be randomly teleported from building to building and can rate them with one to ten points using the command "/rate".

The evaluation runs until May 25th at 15:00 (UTC+1). The results will be announced a few days after the end of the evaluation.


The finalists have been selected!


The 6 groups that will be compete in the final of the Cup of Architects have now been determined! In the following video all buildings are introduced to you with the respective placement:

Group 40

M4TJOE | byM4rek | Joshga Building of Group 40

Group 09

Firun_Brand | H2CO3 | Jungermann Building of Group 09

Group 35

ExplodingCreeper | tobhelm | M4tt3i Building of Group 35

Group 19

Cornflakesminer | Ghasti | leonard1504 Building of Group 19

Group 36

T4urus | SirLarix | Quotenpole Building of Group 36

Group 03

Cookie_M0nstar | Whorainson | hakuu_ Building of Group 03

Ranks 1 to 6 are now fighting for a place on the winners' rostrum in the final. The participants now have 2 weeks time to build their building with the theme "Gravity".

Good luck!


Evaluation of the intermediate round


The construction phase of the intermediate round is now finished and you have again the possibility to evaluate the builds of our finalists. In the following video you will get a small overview of all buildings:

The rating takes place as usual on our server "cupofarchitects.net". (1.12.2). On the rating server you will be randomly teleported from building to building and can rate them with one to ten points using the command "/rate".

The evaluation runs until 4th May at 15:00 (UTC+1). The results will be announced a few days after the end of the evaluation.


The buildings of the qualification can now be visited!


From today a show server for the buildings of the qualification is available. This will give you the opportunity to view the buildings of the first round. This server can be reached via the Cup of Architects network under "cupofarchitects.net" with the Minecraft version 1.12.2.


Qualification is over! - What happens next?


It's time! The winners of the qualification have been determined and are moving into the next round!

In this round, the Top 20 qualifying teams will compete under the theme Movement. This round starts on Friday the 13.04. at 14:00 o'clock (UTC+1).

In this Video we present you a summary of the top 20 buildings from the qualification:

Congratulations to all winners and good luck for the next round. Also a big thank you to all participants who have to leave us now!


The contest 2018 has started!


A few days ago the participant meeting took place. About 80 people showed up on our TeamSpeak shortly before the start of the event.

We talked and discussed some important topics, such as the rating and the course of events in the coming weeks. For our team this meeting was a great success.

Now the time for starting the Cup of Architects has come! On Monday the 19th March 2018 at 4:00 pm the servers were taken online and the first participants could start with their buildings. In the first round - the qualifying round - all groups build against each other on the topic of "Five". Some groups will unfortunately will not make it after this round. It is still unclear exactly how many will move into the next round. Our jury defines this according to the quality of the buildings. So try hard, because the better the more teams make it into the intermediate round! This year's evaluation will take place on our Minecraft server.

If you have any questions about the process or the contest in general, feel free to ask them! You can contact a team member on our TeamSpeak or Discord server.

We wish all 130 participants the best possible success and above all fun in this year's competition.


Participant meeting


On March 17th at 7:00pm (UTC+1) a meeting with all German speaking participants will take place on our TeamSpeak.

Some important topics will be discussed so it would be nice for anyone who can arrange it to drop by.

A transcript in German and English will be provided for all participants who were not present.


Cinematic Trailer published


The trailer is now online, and the registration phase has started right away.

You can register for participation by contacting the Discord Account (@CupOfArchitects#5303) privately. A team member will contact you within a short period of time and ask for all necessary information before the further procedure is explained to you. Sub-groups, i. e. groups with less than 3 members, can also pre-register and then search for further members in a list provided by us.

Attention: You are not yet officially registered until your registration as a complete team has been confirmed!





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